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The Motorcyclist's Guide to Scotland is the only guide book dedicated to exploring Scotland on a motorbike. 

Written by former BBC Scotland journalist, JG Fergusson – a lifelong biker who has ridden every road in the book (this book, anyway!) – The Motorcyclist’s Guide to Scotland features 30 exciting routes from the Solway coast to Shetland, and a suggested itinerary to tour the country in four days. The tour links with the individual routes to help you devise a bespoke tour if you can visit the country for longer. 

208 pages long, the guide will help you find the best roads to ride, top things to see, biker-friendly places to stop, great places to eat and it lists all the refuelling opportunities along the way. Each route has a suggested reading list and a recommended soundtrack to keep you entertained while you ride. 

  • 30 individual routes

  • suggested itinerary for a 4-day tour of Scotland 

  • Turn-by-turn directions

  • Easy to follow road maps

  • What to see

  • Where to stay

  • Where to eat

  • Route-appropriate suggestions for music for your headset 

  • With chapters on Scotland’s motorcycle manufacturers, racing champions and inventors as well as riding etiquette and advice for visitors, this is a guidebook no home-based or visiting biker should be without.

Dimensions: 210mm x 160mm, weight 415g

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The Motorcyclist's Guide to Scotland
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Without doubt this is an essential bit of kit for any biker touring Scotland. A great guide and a damn good read!
— Dave from Orkney
p32 The Routes shutterstock_1114531469.jpg